March 18, 2019

Losing a tooth is devastating and traumatic, and has physical, emotional, and social  impacts. If you have missing teeth you may want to seriously think about dental implants, understand what the process entails and most importantly what it will cost you.


How much do dental implants cost?

It is impossible to put a fix and universal price on dental implants. The cost of dental implants depend on so many factors such as:

  1. The number of teeth to be replaced is obviously a determining factor in overall cost. Are you having just one missing tooth replaced or several teeth or possibly the entire mouth? Of course more missing teeth cost more to replace.
  2. The location of missing teeth in your mouth also affect the cost. Generally upper front of mouth is called the Esthetic Zone. This is the most visible area when you smile and talk. The dental implantologist should be adequately skilled to perform the surgery in this area and create flawless result. One small mistake or deviation can create permanent esthetic compromise. Another difficult area of the mouth is upper molar area where the facial sinuses are located.
  3. Condition of your jaw bone and the volume and quality of available bone in the area of missing teeth. Majority of people suffer rapid bone loss/deterioration following teeth loss. Since the major function of jaw bone is to hold teeth in place, body’s immediate and natural reaction to tooth loss is jaw bone loss. For this reason the best time to place an implant is at the time of tooth loss. Don’t wait and delay implants for a later time because this result in bone loss and more complicated and costly treatment.
  4. The quality of treatment is another determining factor in cost. Although we hope all treatments by different practitioners should have excellent and top quality, but in real world this is not the case. Obviously some doctors are able to create better final results than others. Such treatment results are not only beautiful and functionally comfortable, they last a life time. The quality achieved is directly related to the skill, experience, knowledge, and level of perfectionism of a practitioners. Top quality practitioners generally have higher cost than others.
  5. Geographical location is definitely another determining factor in cost. It affects the overhead of the doctor and consequently affects the final cost for patients

These are just some, and maybe the most important factors in the cost of dental implants. In conclusion, while you are thinking about the cost of your dental implant treatment, be sure  your focus should also be on finding a qualified dentist that you can trust would be able to create a good and long lasting treatment result. Ask questions to ensure you are committing to something you are comfortable with.

The following is a case study for replacement of one failed tooth in the upper front of the mouth:


Case Study:

Replacement of a broken tooth in the upper front of mouth

Surgical and Restorative Treatment By Dr. James Khazian

Dr Kazian - Dental Implants Review Articles

The following x-ray shows a broken tooth in the upper front. Although the tooth is broken and missing, The root is remained in the jaw bone and has to be extracted.

This x-ray shows the root is already extracted and implant placed. This was a so called “Flapless” procedure. Meaning that during surgery to extract the root and place the implant no incision was made in the gum and no sutures was placed. This technique assures the least invasive surgery and a most comfortable and smoothest healing. It also result in the most esthetic final gum architecture.

This picture is taken immediately following extraction of the root and placement if dental implant and shows no cut in the gum and no sutures

This following picture shows the gum and healing following implant placement

The following picture shows final tooth in place. Please note the perfect adaptation to gum, the perfect healing of the gum and color match with other teeth

This following  x-ray shows implant and final tooth in place. If maintained well this implant and tooth will last a life time.


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