March 18, 2019

Losing a tooth is devastating and traumatic, and has physical, emotional, and social  impacts. If you have missing teeth you may want to seriously think about dental implants, understand what the process entails and most importantly what it will cost you.


How much do dental implants cost?

It is impossible to put a fix and universal price on dental implants. The cost of dental implants depend on so many factors such as:

  1. The number of teeth to be replaced is obviously a determining factor in overall cost. Are you having just one missing tooth replaced or several teeth or possibly the entire mouth? Of course more missing teeth cost more to replace.
  2. The location of missing teeth in your mouth also affect the cost. Generally upper front of mouth is called the Esthetic Zone. This is the most visible area when you smile and talk. The dental implantologist should be adequately skilled to perform the surgery in this area and create flawless result. One small mistake or deviation can create permanent esthetic compromise. Another difficult area of the mouth is upper molar area where the facial sinuses are located.
  3. Condition of your jaw bone and the volume and quality of available bone in the area of missing teeth. Majority of people suffer rapid bone loss/deterioration following teeth loss. Since the major function of jaw bone is to hold teeth in place, body’s immediate and natural reaction to tooth loss is jaw bone loss. For this reason the best time to place an implant is at the time of tooth loss. Don’t wait and delay implants for a later time because this result in bone loss and more complicated and costly treatment.
  4. The quality of treatment is another determining factor in cost. Although we hope all treatments by different practitioners should have excellent and top quality, but in real world this is not the case. Obviously some doctors are able to create better final results than others. Such treatment results are not only beautiful and functionally comfortable, they last a life time. The quality achieved is directly related to the skill, experience, knowledge, and level of perfectionism of a practitioners. Top quality practitioners generally have higher cost than others.
  5. Geographical location is definitely another determining factor in cost. It affects the overhead of the doctor and consequently affects the final cost for patients

These are just some, and maybe the most important factors in the cost of dental implants. In conclusion, while you are thinking about the cost of your dental implant treatment, be sure  your focus should also be on finding a qualified dentist that you can trust would be able to create a good and long lasting treatment result. Ask questions to ensure you are committing to something you are comfortable with.

The following is a case study for replacement of one failed tooth in the upper front of the mouth:


Case Study:

Replacement of a broken tooth in the upper front of mouth

Surgical and Restorative Treatment By Dr. James Khazian

Dr Kazian - Dental Implants Review Articles

The following x-ray shows a broken tooth in the upper front. Although the tooth is broken and missing, The root is remained in the jaw bone and has to be extracted.

This x-ray shows the root is already extracted and implant placed. This was a so called “Flapless” procedure. Meaning that during surgery to extract the root and place the implant no incision was made in the gum and no sutures was placed. This technique assures the least invasive surgery and a most comfortable and smoothest healing. It also result in the most esthetic final gum architecture.

This picture is taken immediately following extraction of the root and placement if dental implant and shows no cut in the gum and no sutures

This following picture shows the gum and healing following implant placement

The following picture shows final tooth in place. Please note the perfect adaptation to gum, the perfect healing of the gum and color match with other teeth

This following  x-ray shows implant and final tooth in place. If maintained well this implant and tooth will last a life time.


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May 8, 2017

Need To Replace Missing Teeth?Fix broken teeth cosmetic surgery

Dental Implants Offer The Best Solution!


Do you have failing or missing teeth and are horrified about the thought of putting bulky and fake looking dentures in your mouth? Did you know about 35 million Americans have lost all their teeth and close to 180 million have lost at least one tooth?


Tooth loss is much more than an inconvenience or esthetic problem. To properly categorize, tooth loss is considered a disease or disability which leads to serious other dental, medical, psychological, and social consequences.


The following are some serious consequences of not replacing missing teeth:


  • Shifting and Tilting of remaining teeth: Missing teeth create empty spaces which cause shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth. Such undue teeth movement lead to bite imbalance, misalignment of teeth, TMJ ( jaw Joint) disorders, possible facial pain and headaches, and periodontal disease.
  • General medical and health problems: People with missing teeth have compromised chewing ability which may lead to restricted diet and nutritional deficiencies. They may develop digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and possible obesity.
  • Jaw bone loss and pre-mature aging: Missing teeth result in jaw bone atrophy and collapse of facial structures. People with missing teeth develop facial asymmetry, premature facial wrinkles (especially around mouth), loss of lip posture and fullness, and premature aging. In extreme cases in which all teeth have been missing for a long period of time, and severe facial bone loss, the appearance of “witch face’ may develop.
  • Psychological and social consequences: Missing teeth seriously compromises facial esthetics. People with missing teeth avoid smiling and feel less attractive and have lower self confidence. They quite often avoid public appearance and become less social.


Whether it is just one or several, or all missing teeth, it is extremely important to explore dental implants as the logical and modern approach to restore your mouth. Dental implants are self supporting units that anchor to jaw bone, mimicking natural teeth. Unlike dentures and bridges that are attached to other natural teeth, dental implants draw their support directly from your jaw bone. Implant supported teeth are strong and natural looking. They stay in your mouth permanently and become a part of your mouth. People with dental implants quite often forget they have dental implants because dental implants feel, function, and look like natural teeth.


The first step in replacing your missing tooth/teeth is a consultation with an experienced and skilled dental implant expert. Call Dental Implant Centers at 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here today for a free consultation and x-ray with Dr. James Khazian. Dr. Khazian is a leading provider of advanced dental implant and cosmetic dentistry treatments in San Diego. With over 27 years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Khazian has managed the most complex dental conditions that were turned away by other specialist. Click here to watch Dr. Khazian on TV.


Dental Implant Centers™ is an all-in one provider of advanced dental implant treatments in San Diego. This means all your implant treatments are done in one office by Dr. James Khazian. You avoid the confusion of seeing several doctors and/or different offices. Your treatment, no matter how complex will be started and finished by Dr. Khazian. To make an appointment for a free  consultation/x-rays you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here


The following case is an actual patient of Dr. Khazian

this x-ray shows replacement of 8 missing teeth with 7 dental implants:

missing-teeth-surgery san diego dentists


This picture is the same patient’s smile

Beautiful and natural implant teeth 

missing-teeth-surgery san diego dentists


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March 7, 2017

If you have an infected tooth and have been told you need root canal treatment, you may be in a dilemma to proceed with root canal or just have the tooth pulled and get dental implant. This is indeed a tough decision to make.

There is no easy answer to this dilemma and quite a few factors should be taken into consideration. It definitely requires an expert and experienced dentist to carefully evaluate the condition and advise the patient.

I come across quite a few patients with such dilemma who try very hard to make the right choice. My advice to them is to get as educated and informed as possible can about the issue at hand and consult with the your trusted dentist. Make sure your dentist is fully knowledgeable about both dental implantology and root canal treatments.

Root canal was an important treatment option for many years but has lost popularity since dental implantology has become a mainstream treatment in dentistry.


What is root canal treatment?

Each natural and healthy tooth has one or more tiny canals that contain nerve and blood supply to the tooth. These canals are well protected by the hard outer enamel. A tooth with intact and healthy nerve is a vital tooth. If there is damage to nerve due to decay, fractures, or other reasons, infections develops inside the canal and in the jawbone surrounding the tip of the tooth root.

Root canal treatment is an option that has been used for many years to eliminate such infections. The dentist opens an access to the canal and removes the dead nerve, eliminate the bacteria, and cleans the canal with tiny files. The canals are then sealed with special rubbery material called Gutta Percha.


How effective are root canal treatments?

Root canal is a complex and difficult technique which requires skill, knowledge and experience. Certain dentist are specialized in doing root canals and go through 2 or more years of education and training to become root canal specialist. Such dentists are called endodontist. Endodontists usually limit their practice to root canal treatments only. Obviously, due to their extended training, endodontists perform root canals with higher success rate than general dentists.

Although the short term success rate of root canals may be as high or above 90%, the long term success rate is a subject of controversy. There is certain belief by some researchers and scientists that root canal, no matter how perfectly done, will never eliminate all the bacteria in the infected tooth. they believe there is always some residual bacteria left in the tooth which may leak to other body organs such as brain, heart, and cause substantial health problems. It may also cause secondary infection and root canal failure even 20 or 30 years later. This is quite common in dentistry.


Disadvantages of root canal treatment

  • A root canal tooth becomes more fragile and brittle than vital healthy teeth. This makes a root canal tooth more prone to fractures.
  • A root canal tooth may get infected again, requiring new root canal treatment and/or possible loss of tooth.
  • A root canal tooth develops certain grayish discoloration which may be a major esthetic complication, particularly in front teeth.
  • Root fractures are quite common in root canal teeth. such fractures are not treatable and the tooth should be extracted.
  • Possible residual bacteria in the tooth after root canal may spread to other parts of the body, resulting in serious health problems.
  • Root canal treatment is an expensive procedure. Additionally most, if not all root canal teeth need additional strengthening with a post/buildup and a crown. These procedures may bring the cost to about $2000 to $3000. Spending such amount on a questionable procedure may not seem wise to many people.
  • A root canal tooth may develop decay, resulting in additional cost and/or possible tooth loss


The following case represents a failed root canal tooth that was extracted and replaced with an implant tooth

North County San Diego Root Canal Dentist

This case is an actual patient of Dr. James Khazian.
The extraction, bone graft, dental implant, and final tooth was performed by Dr Khazian


This molar tooth was previously treated with root canal
The tooth broke due to becoming weak after root canal
North County San Diego Dental Implant Center

The tooth was extracted and bone grafted in preparation for dental implant

North County Dentists Root Canals

Dental implant and final tooth is in place



Are dental implants a better choice than root canal?

To best answer this question we should look at the advantages of dental implants. The following is only a limited list of dental implant advantages over root canal teeth. Dental implants have many other benefits which are out of the scope of this topic.


  • Unlike root canal procedure, dental implant is a very predictable treatment approach. If properly done by an expert implantologist, it has a solid 98-100% success rate.
  • Unlike root canal, dental implant procedure eliminates the infected tooth and all the bacteria in the jaw bone. It assures a fully sterile outcome with no chance of bacterial spread to other parts of body and possible health problems.
  • Unlike root canal teeth, an implant tooth do not decay. Implant teeth consist of titanium, zirconia, and porcelain. The never decay.
  • Implant teeth are much stronger than root canal teeth. Implant teeth have a much lower risk of breaking than root canal teeth.
  • Considering the risks and possible failures associated with root canal treatment, dental implant may be a much more cost effective.
  • Unlike root canals, the implants have a very low possibility of secondary infection. If maintained properly, implant teeth last for decades or possibly life time.
  • Unlike root canal teeth, implant teeth will not develop root fractures.


Dental Implant Centers is an all-in one provider of advanced dental implant treatments in San Diego. This means all your implant treatments are done in one office by Dr. James Khazian. You avoid the confusion of seeing several doctors and/or different offices. Your treatment, no matter how complex will be started and finished by Dr. Khazian. To make an appointment for free x-rays and consultation you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here

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