May 2, 2017

Tooth Implant ProcessDental Implant Pricing

Generally a dental implant treatment process consist of the following:

  1. Initial evaluation and diagnosis by an implant dentist: The goal of this evaluation is to:
  • determine the scope and nature of dental problem.
  • Examination of the patient’s oral condition, including the health of the gum and volume and quality of jaw bone.
  • Reviewing patient’s general health condition to make sure he/she is a candidate for dental implant process and the treatment can be done in a safe manner.
  • Discuss the patient’s expectation and make sure the doctor clearly understands why the patient is seeking this treatment and what final result is he/she expecting.


  1. Treatment planning and discussion with patient: At this time different treatment options will be discussed as well as advantages and disadvantages of each option. This will be a time for the patient to fully understand different options and select the one that best works for him/her.
  2. Starting the treatment, surgical phase: By this time the patient should be well informed about the dental problem at hand as well as the treatment that will be done. The doctor and patient have established good communication and the patient has confidence in, and is fully comfortable with the doctor. A comfortable and good relationship between the doctor and patient is critical to a successful treatment outcome.

Depending on the nature of your dental problem and what treatment is going to be done the following scenarios will play:

  • Most patients present with an infected, broken, of severely decayed tooth or teeth that cannot be saved. In most cases it is possible to do the extractions, bone grafting, and implant placement in just one visit. There are however cases that require a few months of healing after extraction and bone grafting, before dental implants can be placed. Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for immediate implant placement at the time of extractions. This will save you about 3-4 month.
  • If the tooth or teeth are already missing and area is healed sufficiently, surgery can be done to place implants. Although many dentist prefer to do these procedures under general anesthetic, It is important to know almost all dental implant and bone grafting surgeries may be done under local anesthetic, just as if you are going for a filling or crown. General anesthesia, although is an option for patient who prefer it, is unnecessary and exposes patients to additional risks and cost.
  1. Finishing treatment, restorative phase: This is the final part of treatment when teeth are made and placed over implants. Implant supported teeth are strong and stable. Chewing with dental implant is as comfortable as healthy natural teeth. Implant teeth feel, function, and look like natural teeth. The first step in replacing those missing or failed teeth is to have a consultation with Dr. Khazian. Dr. James Khazian is a leading dental implant expert with over 27 years experience. For a free consultation and x-rays you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here

Dental Implant Centers is an all-in one provider of advanced dental implant treatments in San Diego. This means all your implant treatments are done in one office by Dr. James Khazian. You avoid the confusion of seeing several doctors and/or different offices. Your treatment, no matter how complex will be started and finished by Dr. Khazian. To make an appointment for a free x-rays and consultation you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here.

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