May 15, 2017

Dental Implant PricingMissing Teeth? Denture Problems? Dental Implants Offer The Ultimate Solution


Do you have missing teeth? Or have been told your teeth are failing and should be removed? Do you have dentures that give you nothing but trouble? Make you feel bad every time you take them out of your mouth? Are your dentures bulky and unaesthetic and cause pain and embarrassment?


The good news is, highly aesthetic and strong implant teeth can now restore your mouth to natural condition. Dental implant teeth are strong and stable, and attached permanently to the jaw bone.


Traditionally, missing teeth were replaced with dentures or dental bridges. The following are some serious disadvantages of these obsolete restorations:


Dentures: are very bulky and  unstable in the mouth. They are either anchored to other remaining natural teeth (partials),  or just placed over the gum and not attached to anything (full dentures). They are made of plastic teeth and acrylic base. They move while chewing and under function and catch food under and around them. They don’t provide very efficient chewing, forcing the patients to limit their diet to soft food and avoiding healthy fiber rich food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, or even meat. This compromised diet lead to nutritional deficiency and multiple health problems such as digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and possible dementia.

Many people with denture problems develop a sense of embarrassment and guilt, they tend to smile less often and ultimately adopt an alternative life style of avoiding socialization and public appearance. Afraid of being judged by their teeth (dental handicap), this feeling of consciousness becomes much more pronounced when meeting new people.


Dentures San Diego Dental Implants
A denture in the cup. This is old dentistry.
Dental implant teeth never come out of your mouth.
They fuse to the jaw bone, and like natural teeth, they stay in the mouth permanently


Dental Bridges: also have serious disadvantages. Bridges are made by shaving down the healthy, natural teeth adjacent to missing teeth space to almost half the size. After shaving down, the dentist makes a mold of those teeth and have a dental laboratory technician fabricate a bridge that fits over those cut down teeth. The bridge is then cemented to those teeth with a special dental cemented.


If one or 2 teeth are missing, 2 healthy adjacent natural teeth are shaved down for the bridge. For 3 or more missing teeth, 3 or more healthy natural teeth should be shaved down. It is obvious that drilling the healthy natural teeth causes long term damage, making those teeth more prone to decay, possible nerve damage and even loss of those teeth.


Another disadvantage of dental bridges is the compromised oral hygiene. Since teeth in a dental bridge are connected together, flossing becomes very difficult and sometimes even impossible. This results in  plaque accumulation, periodontal (gum) disease, decay and ultimate loss of more teeth.


Because of all these disadvantages, modern dentistry is now considers dentures and bridges as obsolete methods of teeth replacement. Dental implants are now considered the best and ultimate solution for tooth loss.


Implant teeth consist of a bio-compatible titanium screw (dental implant) which is surgically inserted  into the jaw bone. The surrounding bone grow into the micro-structure of implant and create a strong bond to it. The dental implant is then used as a base or anchor to hold a natural looking porcelain tooth.

One, several, or even all missing teeth may be replaced with dental implants. For example an entire upper or lower arch of missing teeth can be restored with 4-6 dental implants. These implant teeth are permanently attached to the jaw bone, just as natural teeth do, and are strong and natural looking. Eating with implant teeth is efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable, and there is no dietary limitation. Switching from dentures to implant teeth is a life changing experience. Dental implants enhance your life style, make you feel more confident about your teeth and smile, and make socializing more enjoyable.


There has been great advances in dental implantology field in the past 20 years. Dental implant surgery is no longer considered a major procedure. Almost all dental implant and bone grafting surgeries can now be done quickly, comfortably, and under local anesthetics. If performed by an experienced and skilled dental implant expert, such surgeries are done in a very comfortable setting and with very little or no post-operative discomfort.


To find out more about dental implants and how it can enhance your life style, you may call Dental Implant Centers for a free consultation/x-rays. To make an appointment call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here for an appointment or more information on cosmetic dentistry options.


Dental Implant Centers™ is an all-in one provider of advanced dental implant treatments in San Diego. This means all your implant treatments are done in one office by Dr. James Khazian. You avoid the confusion of seeing several doctors and/or different offices. Your treatment, no matter how complex will be started and finished by Dr. Khazian. To make an appointment for a free  consultation/x-rays you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here.


The following case represents full reconstruction of upper teeth with dental implants. This patient was a middle aged female patients who had lost all her upper teeth many years ago and was using an upper denture. She was extremely unhappy and was seeking a better option.

Replace missing teeth

This patient lost all her upper teeth many years ago
8 dental implants are inserted
(Actual patient of Dr. Khazian)

Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Implants Broken Teeth

Beautiful, permanent porcelain teeth are attached to 8 dental implants
These teeth are strong and solidly connected to the jaw bone
This patient can once again eat comfortably and socialize with no fear of embarrassment

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