Single Dental Implants San Diego

Single Dental Implants San DiegoPatients can visit our San Diego single dental implants expert to have individual teeth replaced in a way that is more stable and permanent than other tooth replacement methods. Rooted in the jaw bone, dental implants do not require hardware above the gum line, as bridge-supported crowns do, and never slip, as partial dentures may. A variety of other advantages are associated with single dental implants, including simple preparation and support for jaw bone health throughout life.

Compared to traditional partial dentures and bridge-supported crowns, the two other major replacement methods used for individual teeth, dental implants are more reliable and better looking. Because implant recipients do not have any hardware above the gum line, they can brush and floss normally and do not have to use the additional cleaning methods associated with bridges. Instead of requiring modification of adjacent teeth, as bridges do, dental implants stand on their own after being fused with the jaw bone. The metal used to stabilize partial dentures is also unnecessary with dental implants. In contrast to bridges, which do not replace the roots of teeth, dental implants from our expert in single dental implants in San Diego better support the health of the jaw bone and prevent long-term facial muscle loss as a result.

San Diego Single Dental Implants

Dental implant placement begins with an exam to plan treatment and determine whether bone grafting is necessary to restore jaws that have been affected by bone loss. When grafting is required, patients will need to wait several months for their jaw bones to increase in mass before having implants placed. Our San Diego single dental implants expert puts the dental implants into the jaw bone through incisions he makes in the gums. Once the implants have healed, which can take several more months, our dentist can attach permanent crowns or partial dentures to the dental implants.

Candidacy for single dental implants depends on good health and sufficient jaw bone mass, but bone grafting can often resolve jaw bone loss to make dental implants possible. Like natural teeth, dental implants require daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups to stay in good condition. A consultation with our expert in single dental implants in San Diego can be scheduled to learn more about this treatment and its advantages.

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