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One Day Dental Implants San Diego

Conventional dental implants offer major benefits over other forms of tooth replacement, but the need for several months of healing during implant placement has made some patients hesitant to pursue them. Now, a faster solution with equal benefits is available to patients in the form of one-day dental implants. Several teeth can be replaced in a single day with this new treatment from our San Diego one day dental implants expert.

One-day dental implants enable the placement of one or several implants in a single appointment at the office of our dentist. When patients are missing all of their teeth, they can have their teeth completely replaced with dental implants in a single day as a fast alternative to traditional dentures. Like conventional implants, one-day implants involve the insertion of posts into the jaw bone, where they are integrated into the tissue. However, one-day implants are designed for immediate use with crowns or dentures according to treatment goals.

San Diego One Day Dental Implants

The long waiting periods associated with traditional dental implants can be inconvenient for patients, highlighting the advantage of choosing one-day implants instead. This option simply eliminates the long healing period required for conventional implants. Thanks to computer technology during implant design and surgery, this procedure from our San Diego one day dental implants expert also offers dependable results and easy recovery.

One-day implant placement begins with insertion of the implants into the jaw bone under anesthesia. By joining the implants together with a prosthesis made of acrylic, our expert in one day dental implants in San Diego stabilizes the new implants immediately. As a result, patients can begin enjoying their new teeth immediately instead of waiting several months for the implants to integrate into the jaw bone.

One-day dental implants combine the many benefits associated with conventional dental implants with convenience beyond what is possible with other forms of tooth replacement. After getting one-day dental implants, patients are likely to experience significant improvements in their appearance as well as their abilities to speak, chew, and enjoy life. To learn more about this treatment and its candidacy requirements, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in one day dental implants in San Diego.

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