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Mini Dental Implants San Diego

Mini dental implants are an amazing addition to the list of options available to patients who need tooth replacements. Although mini dental implants are similar to full-size implants in their basic form and function, mini implants offer a variety of benefits thanks to their smaller size. For example, mini implants can be placed more quickly and require less recovery time afterwards. Because jaw bone loss is less likely to be an issue in eligibility for mini implants, many patients who cannot receive full-size implants can qualify for this treatment from our San Diego mini dental implants dentist.

Like full-size dental implants, mini implants involve titanium screws that are inserted into the jaw bone and topped with either permanent crowns or removable dentures. With their smaller diameter, mini implants require smaller holes during placement compared to full-size implants but are durable against long-term wear. As an alternative to other forms of tooth replacement, such as bridge-supported crowns and removable dentures, mini dental implants offer easier chewing, simpler cleaning, and a more natural appearance. Treatment from our expert in mini dental implants in San Diego also takes only one day in most cases, saving significant time and money for patients.

San Diego Mini Dental Implants

To have mini implants placed, patients must first meet with our San Diego mini dental implants dentist to verify their eligibility for this procedure. The placement process usually takes only one hour, which is a considerable improvement over the months required for full-size implants. Once the mini implants have been inserted into the jaw bone under anesthesia, crowns can be placed or dentures can be modified to be anchored by the new implants. Suturing is often unnecessary, and healing takes place quickly.

Although most patients can receive mini dental implants, certain situations may make this procedure less ideal than alternatives. For example, jaw bone mass that is not sufficient to support mini dental implants may rule out eligibility. Patients who grind their teeth also may not be candidates for this procedure because of risks of damage. To learn more about mini dental implants and to find out if implants are an option, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in mini dental implants in San Diego.

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