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Full Mouth Implants San Diego

Full Mouth Implants San DiegoMany patients feel helpless when the majority of their teeth are missing or no longer functioning properly. If you are dealing with this situation, it is important to understand that there is an appealing alternative to dentures. Dental implants have risen in popularity in recent years, and you can enjoy teeth that look great and function well when you work with our San Diego full mouth implants expert.

Removing your dentures can be embarrassing, and you have to deal with cleaning them every night and watching what you eat. When you choose full mouth implants, your teeth never have to be removed.

San Diego Full Mouth Implants

If you are considering implants, it is important to work with an expert in full mouth implants in San Diego. In most cases, the best time to place implants is soon after your current teeth are removed. When teeth are removed, it is vital to maintain the strength and structure of the jaw. Since your implants are anchored in your jaw bone, you will not have to worry about the negative effects of facial bone loss.

Dr. Khazian is an expert in full mouth implants in San Diego, and our office offers several options to meet the needs of our valued patients. Our most exciting option allows you to get new, fixed teeth in just one day. When you choose this procedure, you will receive high quality dental implants that are securely anchored into your jaw bone.

If your current dentures are causing you problems even though they look fine, consider the overdenture procedure. Your dentures will be stabilized by adding two to four implants in each arch, which greatly reduces slipping and makes it easier to chew.

Porcelain bridges can also be stabilized by dental implants to function just like your natural teeth. In most cases, temporary bridges are placed immediately with the dental implants, and your permanent bridge is applied approximately three months later.

If you are searching for an experienced San Diego full mouth implants dentist, contact Dr. Khazian for a complimentary consultation. In just one day, you could be enjoying all the benefits of beautiful and fully functioning new teeth.