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Dental Implant Surgery San Diego

Dental implant surgery can restore the looks and oral functionality of patients who have lost teeth. With replacement of the tooth roots by dental implants, patients are also protected from a variety of oral health and cosmetic issues, including additional tooth loss, jaw bone deterioration, and loss of facial muscle tone. Depending on the type of implants patients choose and whether reduced jaw bone density is present, implant surgery may be completed in a single day or in multiple sessions over several months.

Our San Diego dental implant surgery expert begins implant placement by planning treatment goals and determining whether patients may require jaw bone grafting. When patients require jaw bone grafting due to reduced jaw bone mass, the grafting process may take a few months to almost a year depending on individual healing factors. Once this step is completed, our expert in dental implant surgery in San Diego places the implants in the jaw bone through incisions in the gums. The implants fuse with the jaw bone over several months, again depending on individual differences in healing time, before our dentist tops the implants with stationary crowns or removable dentures according to the goals patients have.

San Diego Dental Implant Surgery

Treatment from our San Diego dental implant surgery expert gives patients virtually all of the benefits of real teeth. For example, the absence of metal above the gum line with dental implants means that recipients can smile without feeling self-conscious. This aspect of implants also lets patients brush and floss as they would with real teeth, reducing risks of tooth decay and gum disease as a result. The jaw bone remains healthy with implants in place, guarding implant recipients from the facial muscle loss that sometimes plagues wearers of traditional dentures.

Patients who get dental implants instead of alternative treatments, such as bridge-supported crowns and traditional dentures, are less likely to lose more teeth later in life. After getting implants, patients can preserve their new looks and oral abilities by brushing and flossing every day and visiting our expert in dental implant surgery in San Diego for check-ups as often as recommended.

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