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Dental Implant Prices San Diego

The state of the economy makes the price of dental implants a main concern for many people in San Diego. However, using dental implants represents the first choice when it comes to replacing teeth. Our San Diego dental implant prices vary from client to client and for a host of reasons.

The price of the dental implant procedure includes the titanium pivot, the crown, imaging, and anesthesia. Additionally, you pay for the expertise of the dental implant team.

Our dental implant team is highly skilled and duly certified. The team is available for you before, during, and after the procedure. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have and handle any problems you may encounter during the process.

San Diego Dental Implant Prices

Our dental implant prices in San Diego are broken down according to the following procedures:

• Bone grafts. If your bone density is compromised and not sufficient to support the implant, our team has to perform bone grafting before placing the implant.
• Drilling and placing the titanium pivot in the jawbone.
• Use of an abutment (optional).
• Attaching the crown on the abutment or titanium screw.

However, this is not the definitive procedure because of some determining factors. For instance, if you suffer from gum disease, our expert will treat the condition before performing the procedure. Such factors influence our San Diego dental implant prices.

The amount of work our team performs on some areas of the mouth is different from work performed on other areas. For instance, working on incisors is not as tasking as working on molars.

The price you pay for installing a canine tooth will also be different from the price of a dental implant for a molar. This is because the prices for the crowns also vary.

Our dental implant prices in San Diego are worthy because you stand to get quality implants from certified experts. At times, cheap dental implants might turn out to be more expensive and ineffective in the long run.

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