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Dental Implant Cost San Diego

Our San Diego dental implant cost varies depending with various factors, some relating to you as the client and others relating to the procedure itself. These factors come together to determine the final amount you will pay for the procedure. Our dental implant specialist tells you how much you should set aside after examining you and finding out the dental problem you are suffering from. So what determines our dental implant cost in San Diego?

San Diego Dental Implant

Your physical condition determines whether you will require additional treatment or not. Here, we look at your age, oral hygiene, and the structure of your jawbone.

For instance, the structure of the jawbone determines whether our dental expert will perform bone grafting or not. If you require bone grafting, you will definitely need additional “chair time”, which increases our dental implant cost in San Diego.

Our cost also varies according to the size of the case you present to us. This size determines the number and type of implants you need. A single implant will cost you less than multiple implants. Multiple implants require more material, time, and resources.

The need for dental implants varies from one client to another. One of the factors that make a case complex is existence of gum disease. If you have gum disease, our dentist has to clear the infection before attempting to fix the dental implants. This means you have to pay for gum disease treatment, which increases the cost of the procedure.

When you come for consultation, our dentist tells you the materials the dental implants are made from. The most common and affordable material is porcelain that has been bonded with metal. If you have sensitive teeth, we give you an option of Zirconia, which does not use metal in its design. However, this is more expensive.

Our San Diego dental implant cost is worth the investment because we only offer quality implants that will improve your oral health to a great extent.

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