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Dental Implant Center Reviews

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Thank You Dr. Khazian
June 11, 2017

I came to Dr. Khazian with broken & missing teeth, and severe bone loss. Since the bone loss was in the front, the roof of my mouth had receded so drastically that my 15-year-old temporary partial no longer stayed in my mouth; leaving my tongue with nothing to bounce off of; preventing me from the simple act of intelligible conversation.

My whole person was changed: Not only did this condition affect my ability to communicate with the world around me, my self-esteem and confidence suffered as well. My smiles and expressions were guarded and unnatural, which eventually chipped away at my emotional contentment.

Dr. Khazian’s treatment plan to confront my challenging situation was swift and decisive. He would extract the broken teeth, replace them with implants, and create a new partial that would accommodate the bone loss on my pallet, (prosthetic style).

Right away I felt relaxed and at ease. The atmosphere of the office and the general nature of the team was comforting; it was obvious that the focus was on doing what they could to improve my quality of life.

Overwhelmed! That is the word that best encompasses my emotions as I left Dr. Khazians office on the day he gave me a new smile: it was so natural, and my words – enunciated. My self-esteem and confidence already greatly improved before I even reached my front door.

As the days pass I am rediscovering foods I have not been able to eat over the past years. And, what a surprise to learn that I can whistle again.

In a word, the care I receive from Dr. Khazian’s team at Dental Implant Center is HOLISTIC; It’s not what they advertise, it’s just what they do.

With my whole heart…. thank you Dr. Khazian, Manny, and DeDe

Dr Khazian is an artist!
August 30, 2017

His art is sculpting beautiful smiles and I’ve been happy with the one he repaired over 12 years ago. My overall dental care is always effective, efficient, courteous and caring and I am most appreciative!