August 7, 2017

HOW SUCCESSFUL ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS?Replace missing teeth dental implants

The short and quick answer is “very successful”.  According to researches, dental implants that are done by qualified implant dentists have a success rate of about 98%. Dental implant treatment has been proven to be the best option for missing or failing teeth. Implant teeth are stable, strong, natural looking, and comfortable. Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jaw bone and  become a permanent part of the mouth. Patients who have implant teeth forget having them in their mouth because they feel, look, and function like healthy natural teeth.

Surgical placement and restoration of dental implants is a complex procedure and involves many details. To make sure the long term success of your implants you should work with an experienced and skilled implant dentist who has performed thousand of surgeries and is adequately trained and experienced to understand the details.

Equally important in assuring success is the post operative care and maintenance of implant teeth. This will be a team effort between the patient, doctor, and dental hygienist. Implant teeth require excellent oral hygiene, consisting of brushing and flossing. Your doctor will recommend dental cleaning and check up biannually or every 3 months.

It is important to know that your oral health is closely related to your physical health. An individual with poor health condition will have a harder time maintaining a healthy mouth. Dental implants have a much higher success rate in healthy people.

A combination of a qualified implant dentist, a conscientious patient who will follow through with good and disciplined oral hygiene and on time dental check-ups, and use of quality implants will assure a success rate of close to 100%.

If you have missing or failing teeth you should seriously consider dental implants as the best treatment option. The first step in replacing your missing or failing teeth is a consultation with an experienced and skilled dental implant expert. Call Dental Implant Centers at 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here for a free consultation and x-ray with Dr. James Khazian. Dr. Khazian is a leading provider of advanced implant and cosmetic dentistry treatments in San Diego. With over 27 years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Khazian has managed the most complex dental conditions that were turned away by other specialist. Click here to watch Dr. Khazian on TV.


Dental Implant Centers™ is an all-in one provider of advanced dental implant treatments in San Diego. This means all your implant treatments are done in one office by Dr. James Khazian. You avoid the confusion of seeing several doctors and/or different offices. Your treatment, no matter how complex will be started and finished by Dr. Khazian. To make an appointment for a free  consultation/x-rays you may call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645) or click here

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