February 28, 2017

escondido and san diego affordable dental implants centerAdvantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants have been around for only a couple of
decades, but have become the best treatment for replacement of missing or failing teeth. They are now considered the modern approach to tooth replacement. This is due to major advantages they have over traditional options such as removable dentures or bridges. The following is a list of some of those advantages:

Best replacement for missing or failing teeth. Implant teeth feel, function, and look like natural teeth. Some people say dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. In reality an implant tooth can even be considered better than natural teeth. It is an amazing technology which enhances lives of millions who suffer from tooth loss.

Implant teeth may last a lifetime. Dental implants are strong, solid, and durable. If properly placed by a qualified dental implantologist, and maintained well, they function for decades. Dental implants are a long term treatment approach which offer comfort and confidence. Dental implants are a life changing experience.

Have a fun life, no more tooth problems. Have you been struggling with teeth that give you constant problem, decay, root canals, periodontal disease, and etc? are you tired of bulky, fake looking dentures? Explore the dental implant solution. With implant teeth you can eat and smile with confidence and have a fun life.

Prevent premature facial aging appearance. Dental implants restore teeth to their natural condition, providing solid and permanent support for lips and cheeks and maintaining a natural facial appearance. Dentures, in contrast cause progressive sagging and collapse of facial features and resulting in premature facial aging appearance.

Maintain healthy and strong facial bone with implant teeth. Dental implants are inserted and bond strongly to jaw bone. They transmit chewing forces directly to the supporting bone and stimulating natural biologic bone remodeling. This will assure strong jaw bone and prevent atrophy. Dentures and bridges are supported by gum and/or other natural teeth, causing the weakening and atrophy of jaw bone.

Eat your favorite food with confidence. Just like healthy natural teeth, implant teeth stay solidly in place under chewing forces. You will not be worried about clicking and loose dentures. With implant teeth you can comfortably eat nuts, apples, salads and your favorite steak.

Speak naturally with no lisp. Dentures cover the roof of your mouth and interfere with your speech. Dental implants mimic natural teeth in size, anatomy, and esthetics. Like natural teeth, implant teeth anchor solidly to jaw bone and are firm under chewing forces. You will speak naturally and eat with confidence.

Implant teeth stay in your mouth permanently, not in a cup. Like natural teeth, dental implants are attached to your jaw bone and become a permanent part of your mouth. Because they feel so natural, people with implant teeth forget having them in their mouth. Dentures are bulky, unnatural and fake, and move around under chewing. Changing to dental implants is a life changing experience.

No more cavities. Life without cavities would be great. One of the biggest advantages of implant teeth over natural teeth is that dental implants don’t get cavities. Of course this does not mean that all healthy natural teeth should be replaced with dental implants. If you have failing teeth with large cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, or large fractures, dental implants are your best treatment option.

Dental implants protect your remaining natural teeth. Implant teeth add chewing power to your mouth without anchoring to, and overloading other natural teeth. Dentures and dental bridges anchor to the remaining natural teeth in the mouth, causing damage and further loss of teeth.

Dental implants, the best replacement for failing or missing teeth. Modern dentistry considers dental implants as the treatment of choice to replace failing or missing natural teeth. Dentures and bridges are obsolete and are no longer accepted treatment options. Implant teeth have a very high success rate (over 95%). They are very predictable, comfortable, and above all they feel and function like natural teeth.

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